Youth Platform with Venezuela installed in Táchira State

Instalan en Táchira Plataforma de Jóvenes con Venezuela




Youth representatives of all democratic political groups in the state of Táchira, with national flags and T-shirts of each of their respective parties, walked from the headquarters of ‘Vente Venezuela’, located in Barrio Obrero, to Plaza Daniel Tinoco on Carabobo Avenue of San Cristóbal, in commemoration of Venezuela’s ‘Youth Day’, and there they presented the ‘Youth with Venezuela’ platform.

Luz Dary Depablos / Correspondent

Leaders of Táchira political youth organizations such as Voluntad Popular, Un Nuevo Tiempo, Vente, Copei, Acción Democrática, Encuentro Ciudadano, Proyecto Venezuela and Primero Justicia, came together to present their support for the presidential candidacy of María Corina Machado (MCM).

“Today we launch our Youth with Venezuela Platform. It is going to be an organized platform of youth organizations that is going to seek (free and fair) presidential elections, that is going to participate, that is going to register María Corina Machado, that is going to go to the end,” said Kevin Silva, youth coordinator of ‘Vente Venezuela’ in Táchira.

Likewise, he indicated that: “we understood that by joining forces we are unstoppable. We are the youth that has not tired, we are the youth that tells Táchira that this is possible.”

Hecner Guerrero called on the authorities of the National Electoral Council (CNE) to activate the registration centers that were supposedly installed more than a year ago in universities, squares and communities in each municipality throughout the country, but in effect they have not yet been seen ever. Not even one ‘Permanent Electoral Registration Center’ for the registration of young people and first time voters.

Silva expressed that political organizations work and do their best effort to encourage and transport new voters to register at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council of San Cristóbal, despite the high costs this represents.

However, there are still more than 300,000 young people yet to register in this western Andean state, mainly those who reside in rural municipalities, which is why he urges them to make every effort to register since there is still time, he assured.

Unlike 10 years ago when the streets were overflowing with young people, on this occasion there was little attendance, as it should be remembered that the majority of Venezuelan youth have fled the country in search of better living conditions, so these young people invite those who remain in Venezuela to join in to recover the country of opportunities, especially for the new generations.