Oil spill affects morichales and farms in southern Anzoátegui

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Producers from southern Anzoátegui State denounced a series of afflictions and devastation they have been suffering in their farms due to an oil spill that occurred in the L2 field, located in the Cicapro community of the Francisco de Miranda Municipality.

By La Patilla – Susana Quijada

Nov 24, 2022

According to what was reported by the farmers and ranchers, the oil has spread over approximately two kilometers of land and until it reached the “morichales” (special plains wetlands) that drain into the Orinoco River.

Omar Sánchez, one of the affected producers, indicated that the owners of at least 150 farms have registered losses of crops and cattle that have died after drinking the water from the contaminated tributaries.

“The spill covers approximately 18 kilometers of morichales. When you milk a cow and prepare the cheese, they smell like diluent,” Mr. Sánchez explained.

The producer indicated that on his farm they have lost 50 head of cattle after they consumed water contaminated by hydrocarbons.

Another affected producer, Rigoberto Mesa, stated that this spill began approximately five years ago, and that with the passing of time, it has been affecting more space.

Francisco Santaella also said that his farm has registered losses of crops and livestock.

He pointed out that on several occasions they have requested the responsible company, Petropiar (governs ru  oil company), compensation for damages and have not received any response.

He also mentioned that they have filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office and with the Ministry of the Environment, where the case “has practically been shelved.”

Given the lack of responses, the affected producers said that for this Friday, November 25th, they have planned a protest at the “Bare” Operations Center, located in the Francisco de Miranda Municipality.

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